Chef and House Specialities

30.  Chicken or Lamb Pasanda                 9,95
A mild delightful dish, specially cut slices of chicken or lamb marinated with a yoghurt based sauce & cooked in fresh cream, mixed ground nuts and almond powder.

31.  Karhai Chicken or Lamb                     9,95
Tender pieces of chicken or Lamb grilled in a tandoori oven, cooked with garlic, ginger, tomatoes, onions, capsicum & fresh coriander, medium spiced.

32.  Karhai King Prawn                             14,95

33.  Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrajee       9,95

34.  King Prawn Jalfrazee                         14,95 

35.  Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken)      9,95
Mildly spiced chicken slices, baked in a clay oven & cooked in yoghurt & fresh cream, topped with butter.

36.  Achar Gost                                           9,95
A fairly hot picklish dish, pieces of marinated lamb cooked in a tantalizing pickle massalla, laced with whole green chilies.

37.  Chicken or Lamb Shalsa                   11,95
Slices of marinated chicken or lamb cooked with mushrooms, spring onion, capsicum, complimented with innovative refreshing mixed spices. Dry dish comes with fresh salad. Highly recommended.

38.  Amere Mugh                                       9,95
A delightful mild chicken dish cooked with pulp mango, mild spices, fresh cream & almonds.

39.  Tandoori Shaslik                               14,95
Marinated chicken, lamb, Tandoori chicken & sheek kebab mixed together, cooked with Ghee in a mild special sauce & topped with fresh cream, served in a sizzling karhai.

40.  Special Garlic Chicken                        9.95
Marinated chicken cooked in a charcoal tandoori oven, then thinly sliced, cooked with cloves of crushed garlic, onions, capsicum, special blend of spices and fresh coriander. Medium.

41.  Jaipuri Chicken or Lamb                    9,95
Marined Chicken or Lamb cooked with fried mushrooms, onions & capsicum with Punjabi masalam. Medium.

42.  Nawabi Chicken or Lamb                   9,95
Medium, juicy dish cooked with almond powder and fresh garlic topped with a touch of fresh cream.

43.  Mathi Kalia Chicken or Lamb             9.95
Slices of marinated chicken or lamb, garlic, spinach, lentils sauce, a wonderful aromatic combination.